Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin: Mother of the Year

Good old Sarah

Since 2006, Sarah Palin made it her mission to save money for the citizens of Alaska. However, when vindictive and morally bankrupt bloggers, led by a national media which have completed abdicated their responsibilities, piled complaint after complaint on her with the design of hamstringing her administration, the cost became too high. Unable to save the taxpayers' money by remaining in office, she magnanimously bowed out.

My minister said on Sunday that sometimes it's most courageous to walk away from the fight. Smears from both the left and right have shown that this is true in Sarah's case.

So far, she has managed to unite America in that blowhards on both sides of the political spectrum have chided, scorned, and crucified her for the speculation that she left Alaska's highest office because she could no longer abide by the constant media attacks on her children.

I would be horrified by the woman who could.

Sarah Palin has been the victim of every double-standard the leftist media can disgorge from their festering arsenal of shameless deceptions because she doesn't simply preach family values and conservative principles. She actually lives them.

She already has a loftier title than "Governor of Alaska" and a higher calling. Her constituents caller her "Mom."

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