Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Increasing Extremism is Obama's Fault

As events in the nation's capital today show, extremism has become action in America. Anger has risen to the level at which desperation spawns unthinkable acts. It will only get worse, and the root cause is Obama.

The melting pot isn't boiling over because the President is black, but rather because he is a treasonous, black-supremacist socialist dictator. James von Brunn may have been delusional and dead-wrong about Jews destroying this country, but Americans who fear that this administration is eroding their Constitutional rights are absolutely correct. Freedom-loving, patriotic Americans are being squeezed into a tighter and tighter corner, and our Marxist president would do well to realize that the citizens who cling to guns and religion are not the same who will relinquish this country without a fight.