Tuesday, August 18, 2009

President Has Close Call with Citizens Exercising Their Rights

I'm moving to Arizona.

Protesters in Phoenix "openly displayed firearms" outside a speech by Prevaricator-in-Chief Barack Obama.

Of course, this article fails to point out the obvious fact that, in many states the Obamessiah has already visited, many of the citizens who turned out to see the President hem, haw, and stumble may have had firearms hidden on their persons.

I don't know about you, but if someone near me has a gun, I want to know. And not just so I can ogle it. Allowing concealed carry but not open carry is pretty stupid if you think about it. The former allows those bent on violence to conceal their intentions until it's too late...which they would do anyway, regardless of the law. But open carry also informs the aforementioned miscreant of the number of people in the crowd who would be able to put a hole through his skull if he did try anything funny. I would think the Secret Service would welcome citizens' voluntary declaration of, "Yo! I'm armed!" instead of having to guess and assume.

From the picture of the rifle-carrying man, he looks as if he's ready for work alongside Dilbert. I wonder what Madam Barbara Boxer has to say about well-dressed, gun-toting citizens.