Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to Turn the Cheek of Dissent

A major component of being a Christian conservative is the tendency to avoid confrontation, to take the high road upon encountering the shrill and hateful Left, to show grace and maturity by turning away from argument and controversy. However, this country has reached a point in which silence is not only acceptance, but agreement--we cannot afford to do this any longer.

I came to this conclusion when I realized there are a lot of evil people calling for Miss California Carrie Prejean's resignation, and a lot of consequences that adherents to Sharia Law would consider too harsh even to visit on infidels or adulteresses. Perhaps the Left's legendary shamelessness and the decay of the media can account for the fact that Miss Prejean has very few vocal supporters, even though her philosophy on gay marriage is shared by the majority of Americans and our current Marxist-puppet Affirmative-Action President.

If you can imagine, I'm not really knowledgeable about the national pageant circuit. I don't know if Miss Prejean received anything with her title besides the sash and, apparently, the revocation of her First Amendment rights. I supported her resignation because she has nothing more to gain from this agenda-driven organization, and her beauty and intelligence would better serve someplace where she is respected and welcomed.

However, such a resignation would be conceding that there are certain spheres of our society in which Christians simply don't belong, and we can't send this message. We can't let any American of any ideological background to believe there is any place where the word of God and His followers is unwelcome. We can't afford to lose any more of this country, either by allowing doors to be closed to us or by refraining from defending or even proclaiming or beliefs.

I'm not saying we have to wrestle with pigs. But we can no longer be afraid to enter the pigpen. That is, our prayers and our dissent must no longer be silent. We must say, "I disagree." We must begin more sentences with "I believe" and "I do not believe," and no longer allow attacks on values, on American's founding principles, on the Constitution, on God, to occur unanswered--even if that answer is only two words. "I disagree."

Raving Progressives are the money-changers in the temple of America's Christian tradition. Exposed to enough dissent, they will overturn their own tables.