Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Camel in the Tent

I really didn't want to talk about this. But it's there, impossible to ignore and stinking like a camel in an Army tent.

Yeah. This guy.

The wrongness of this whole situation is like python, wrapping itself around everything the US military stands for and squeezing the life out of it.

Let's start at the beginning.

Private Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan in 2009. If you're going to dispute that, stop reading now and go watch Bill Maher because it's only going to get more intolerable for you. Most Americans, I presume, do not have the good fortune to be personally acquainted with a soldier who was at the particular outpost from which Bergdahl absconded, at the time that he did. I am. And I've known the little shit was a deserter for years.

But how are you supposed to know, if you don't know anyone who was personally thrown under the proverbial bus by this bluest of falcons?

Listen to Evan Buetow. Listen to Cody Full. These men and others who served with them have nothing to gain by coming forward with their stories. Fame? Attention? Yes, the attention of Obama regime brownshirts and the fame of being called lying psychopaths by these same propagandists. It's easy to see why they waited until Bergdahl's return to break their silence. Besides the NDAs. They had to.

The first strike against this story is Bergdahl's desertion. As Spc. Full testified in front of Congress, it was a shitty situation for every man at that outpost. But all the rest of them came home, albeit in boxes for a few of them. Bergdahl didn't even deploy along with the rest of his unit; for medical reasons he didn't arrive in Afghanistan until May of 2009. As he disappeared at the end of June, he could not even have been 2 months. He couldn't carry out his sworn duty for the gestation period of a cat.

The Obama presidency has been one unbroken series of scandals, hits to American dignity and credibility, and just plain ignorant clusterfucks. But at no time did the President and his advisors seem more out of touch with their constituency--you know, the people they're supposed to work for and represent--than when they treated Bergdahl's repatriation like some kind of hero's homecoming. They had the audacity to claim that he served with "honor and distinction." I'll give them the second one; Bergdahl has the distinction of being the only US serviceman to desert during wartime since the Korean War. There are a lot of men and women who served honorably in Afghanistan who gave the last full measure of devotion. How many of their families were invited to the White House Rose Garden to be petted by the President in front of his adoring media? This is why then men in Bergdahl's unit could not keep silent. Not only were his actions in Afghanistan dishonorable at best, Bergdahl broke military law, quite possibly aided the enemy in subsequent attacks on American forces, and forced the rest of his unit into a fruitless search during which six of them were killed. Obama could have allowed him to go quietly to Germany, ignoring him the way he (Bergdahl) ignored his oath and his creed. The media could have been allowed to forget this substandard soldier the way they forgot them men who died searching for him. But no, the least heroic person ("man" would be too generous) the US military deployed to Afghanistan received a hero's welcome. And, God bless them, real American heroes could not abide that. The soldiers who Bergdahl endangered with his midnight run have come forward not to dishonor him, but in defense of every American serviceman who remembered his oath.

"Blah, blah, blah, we don't leave Americans behind," the regime's mouthpiece said. Is that why Air Force One was the only military aircraft that took flight during the 7-hour siege of the American embassy in Benghazi?

The prisoners whom Obama traded for the deserter Bergdahl have been called the Taliban "war cabinet." Every single one was a ruthless terrorist with an insatiable hunger for infidel blood. I suppose the President wrought from them all an admission that they had been very, very bad and a promise never to do it again. No doubt these men will go on to kill, or train others to kill, more Americans. How many? How many died so they could be captured? In the regime's eyes, all of these lives are worth less than the freedom of one disgrace to the uniform.

This was the second strike.

The final misstep came when Obama's BFF Bob Bergdahl (or Baghdad Bob, as he is called here) addressed the nation not as a proud and relieved father, and not even as a patriotic American, but in the enemy tongue as a traitor just like his son. If he was elated, it was not as a result of the release of his almost-as-repulsive son, but the justice he perceived being done for the Mohammedan people America has so long oppressed and marginalized.

I say "final," because this was when I cracked, so to speak. Not cracked--boiled. Solidified. Lost any semblance of respect and trust I may still have had for this lawless and seditious administration after their steady erosion of American liberty and sovereignty over the last 5 years. I no longer care who knows that hate this President and his hideously ugly first lady and their whole coterie of elitist military-hating blame-America-first thugs and sycophants.

You awakened the wrath of the veterans, Mr. President. We will not forget this, nor will we let you forget.

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