Friday, September 11, 2009

I Wish it Were 9/12

Maybe I watched FNC's Timeline of Terror tonight because I'm the kind of person who likes to pick at a scab, and then pick at the new scab that formed because I picked the other one off, etc. Or maybe I want to remember what America was, could have been, and could still be if those of us who remember who we were on September 12 will fight for that country.

Eight years after 9/11, this nation is more polarized and farther from its roots than ever. I said this when eight was seven, and when it was six, and five, and even earlier. Tonight, watching those indelible scenes of buildings collapsing, I wept at the horror of that day and the evil which caused it. However, I grieved for America, for a nation which gained so much in those following days, yet seems to have lost it all, and then some.

If we don't change something, if we do not take this country back from those who intend to destroy it from within, those dead we honored today will have died in vain.

I wish it were 9/12. I wish every day of the last eight years had been 9/12.

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